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Sylvia's Little Book of Manifesting Mantras


 Mantras and incantations have been used for centuries to appease the Gods and manifest plus as a tool to assist with meditation.
In this little book you will find concise information about how they are different to affirmations influencing the  subconscious mind.  

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Sylvia's Little Book of Inspiring Quotes


 Positive quotes with illustrations that were inspired from within over time.
A desire to share them arose. They are designed to help and uplift you on life's journey from day to day.
Included are a few sayings from Sylvia's mother "Where there's a will - There's a Way!" 

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From There to Here - Journey of a Skinned Rabbit


 This is the story of Sylvia's journey from being born during wartime to living through health and other challenges and eventually achieve living out her life's purpose.Her story illustrates how we can overcome in life with a determined spirit and reach our true purpose. The challenges in life can be our greatest teacher. It is in these times, as Sylvia shows through her journey, that we find our inner "eternal spirit" that will lead us ever onwards to living who we truly are, free of fear! 

Signed Copies £10 - Percentage  goes to an Azheimer's Charity

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Finding Your Rainbows End - Living Your Authentic Self


 Introducing the All Inclusive Transformational Journey for women. Learn how you have been programmed from birth and the latest in neuroscience about how our minds are our greatest enemy or our greatest friend. How to use the natural nurturing self in a new way that empowers your life. 

Signed Copes £10.00 - Percentage goes to an Alzheimer's Charity

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Creative Reiki For Reiki Practitioners


  This Blessings Diary is Divinely Inspired to help with seeing the good in life, particularly in times of seeming darkness. There are 365 available entries and you have the potential to create your own personal library of blessings - could be YOUR Book in time!    

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Blessings Abound - Let's Start Counting


 Counting Blessings each day helps create a positive attitude to life and produces mood enhancing hormones in our physical bodies.  Have fun with the exercises and start counting Your Blessings! Write them in the Blessings Diary! 

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And Then I Realised - My Journey to Intimacy With Jesus


In the process of creation . Watch for pre-order details!!

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Manifesting Miracles - Miracles in Daily Life!


Fuschia - Known as a Symbol of Great Abundance. What is Abundance and how miracles can be part of daily life - available soon!

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